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Welcome to Apata Lounge, the new African-Nigerian restaurant in Luton. Indulge in our delicious Nigerian meals and embark on an exquisite culinary adventure. Check our menu now!


Taste of Nigeria

Experience exotic flavors with our irresistible special offer.



Authentic West African



Meat Pie / Fish roll / Puff Puff

Assorted starters including Meat Pie, Fish roll, and Puff Puff

2.00 GBP



A bean flour mix with peppers, onions, and mackerel fish

5.99 GBP


Moin Moin

Bean flower mix with peppers, onions, and mackerel fish

2.50 GBP


Suya / Asun / Peppered Turkey Gizzard

Assorted spicy meat options

10.00 GBP


Gizzard & Plantain

Fried chunky pieces of gizzard and plantain cubes in a tasty pepper sauce

10.00 GBP



Cooked cow foot mixed in delicious spices palm oil paste

12.00 GBP


Isi Ewu

Spiced goat's head soup

20.00 GBP


Garnished Snail

Snail dish

15.00 GBP



 Spring Rolls, Sam & Puff Puff

Assorted small chops

7.99 GBP



A popular Nigerian snack

3.00 GBP


Assorted Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Fresh cut assorted goat meat cooked in African herbs, peppers, and spices

12.00 GBP


Tilapia Pepper Soup Plain

Tilapia pepper soup without side options

10.00 GBP


 Tilapia Pepper Soup

Tilapia pepper soup with a choice of plantain or yam

13.99 GBP


Catfish Pepper Soup Plain

Catfish cooked in a native spicy soup

10.00 GBP


Catfish Pepper Soup

Catfish cooked in a native spicy soup with a choice of yam or plantain

13.99 GBP


Yam Pepper Soup

Boiled yam cooked with fresh cut assorted goat meat in African herbs, peppers, and spices

12.99 GBP



Jollof Rice

With plantain & chicken/beef/assorted/fried Fish

14.00 GBP


Fried Rice

With plantain & Chicken/Beef/Assorted/Fish

14.00 GBP


Ayamase with Rice and Plantain

Chopped green peppers fried with bleached oil cooked with assorted meats and herbs

14.00 GBP


White Rice

with plantain & chicken/beef/assorted/fish

12.00 GBP


 White Rice  

With fresh fish

14.00 GBP


Rice and bean

(with plantain & chicken/beef/assorted meats/fish)

Steamed Rice and Beans with tomato and pepper sauce

10.00 GBP


Egg Noodles

Delicious, tender noodles with a rich and satisfying egg-based flavor.

5.99 GBP


Vegetable Noodles with Chicken

Tender chicken pieces with stir-fried noodles and a medley of fresh, crispy vegetables.

7.99 GBP





A combo of Amala, Gbegiri & Ewedu served with a choice of Goat Meat, Chicken, or Beef

15.99 GBP


Seafood Okro

Okro Soup cooked with prawns, barracuda fish, dry fish, snail & crab with choice of swallow (Eba, Poundo yam, or Semovita)

16.00 GBP


Jollof Special

A combination of Jollof Rice with plantain, grilled turkey, or grilled chicken

15.99 GBP


Pounded Yam / Eba / Amala / Semo / Lafun / Tuwo

Assorted swallow options

3.00 GBP



Wheat-Based Flour

3.49 GBP


Plantain Fufu

Plantain-based fufu

5.00 GBP


SPECIAL SOUPS:            


Efo Riro

Plain steamed spinach soup in tomato sauce with choice of swallow

12.00 GBP



Melon seed soup in spinach with assorted meat and choice of swallow

12.99 GBP


Ogbono soup

Plain with choice of swallow

10.00 GBP


Ogbono soup

Assorted meat with choice of swallow

12.99 GBP


Okro soup

Assorted meat soup with choice of swallow

12.99 GBP


Okro soup

Fresh fish (Tillapia or Hake) with choice of swallow

15.00 GBP


Mixed assorted okro soup

with choice of swallow

12.99 GBP


Bitterleaf soup

Sweet bitter leaves cooked with native spices crayfish smoked fish & peppers

12.00 GBP


Edikang Ikong

Assorted vegetables with seafood in native spices

15.00 GBP


Banga Soup

Palm kennel fruits extracts, exotic native spices

12.00 GBP




Ewa Riro

Ewa Riro is a spicy stewed bean dish, a delicious and satisfying Nigerian delicacy.

7.00 GBP


Ewa Aganyin

Mashed Beans Served with fried plantain

12.00 GBP


Beans Pottage with plantain

well-cooked beans with sweet, ripe plantains for a delicious and satisfying meal.

10.00 GBP


Boiled Yam with fried Eggs

Boiled yam served with delicious fried eggs.

15.00 GBP


Asaro (Yam Pottage)

Mashed Yam in stewed tomato sauce with beef

10.00 GBP



Assorted Meat Stew

An assortment of meat pieces (cow leg, beef, and shaki) in a fried tomato-based sauce

10.00 GBP


Goat Meat Stew

Tender goat meat cooked in a rich and flavorful tomato-based stew.

10.00 GBP



Spicy Chicken

Succulent chicken cooked with a fiery blend of herbs and spices for a zesty and flavorful kick.

2.50 GBP


Grilled Chicken

Tender and flavorful chicken, expertly grilled for a delicious smoky taste and a satisfying meal.

2.50 GBP


Chicken Wings  

(Mild, hot, or very hot)

6.99 GBP


Garnished Fried Fish

Crispy, golden-fried fish fillet served with flavorful garnishes

2.60 GBP


Garnished Red Bream Fish

Succulent red bream fish served with flavorful garnishes for a delightful and satisfying seafood experience

7.99 GBP


Grilled Tilapia fish with yam or plantain

Grilled Tilapia fish served with your choice of yam or plantain.

20.00 GBP


Beef Stew

Succulent beef pieces slow-cooked in a rich and flavorful tomato-based sauce, offering a hearty and savory delight.

10.00 GBP


Garnished Steamed Fish

With fried plantain

20.00 GBP


Garnished Stockfish

With fried plantain or moimoi

15.00 GBP


Refreshing Beverages


Hibiscus infusion with ginger and pineapple.

4.50 GBP


Traditional hibiscus juice infused with mint and lemon.

3.00 GBP

Enjoy Authentic West African Cuisine from Apata Lounge

Experience the vibrant flavors of West Africa right at your doorstep or dine-in at Apata Lounge. Call now to savor our delicious dishes.


Discover the Taste of Nigeria at Apata Lounge

Apata Lounge is dedicated to bringing the authentic flavors of African-Nigerian cuisine to Luton. Our mission is to provide a memorable dining experience, sharing the rich culinary heritage of West Africa through delicious traditional dishes.


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Delicious food, great service! Best jollof rice I've had in years. Highly recommend Apata Lounge for an authentic West African dining experience.

David Johnson

Apata Lounge never fails to impress. The food is always fresh and flavorful, and the delivery service is fast and convenient. Love it!

Sarah Thompson

Tried Apata Lounge for the first time yesterday and I was blown away. The food exceeded my expectations and the takeaway service was quick and efficient.

Michael Adams


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